Welcome!  We hope you enjoy your stay with us in our Bear’s Den Chalet!



Unit Address:  742-B Tina Ct. Stateline NV 89449

In case of Emergency:  dial 911 – there is no telephone land line in the unit

In case of questions – reach out through the Booking platform and we respond as swiftly as possible



WI-FI Code:  ABCDE12345

Toy Box Code: 0728

Bike Lock Codes:  7422 or BIKE (we change them)

Fire Extinguisher located on each floor


Entry: There is a motion senor light for the steps and walkway, Be careful at night and on ice!

  • Your door code for entry into the unit has been sent to you on the day of arrival.  To open the door, you simply press the “Schlage” button and then once the pad lights up – your code. To lock the door, please just press the Schlage button when the door is closed securely.


FLASHLIGHTS: Sometimes outages occur and especially in severe Tahoe weather. It is also handy for a nighttime dog walk.

  • We supply a flashlight on the hook by the front door. Please return it to the hook when done
  • We keep extra batteries in the cabinet under the stairs


Bears & Other Wild Animals:  Yes, they are here in our Neighborhood and throughout Lake Tahoe and they LOVE our yard/area.  Please follow these rules to ensure safety for all…  YEAR ROUND

  • They hibernate in the winter months – but have been seen in any season. Close all doors and windows in the evenings and when you leave.
  • Do not leave ANY food outside, on the porch or in your car – bring it ALL inside. No coolers, no dog food – NOTHING. Animals will destroy your car and our property to get at food.
  • There is a dumpster if you need to take the trash out before your departure 300 yards away at the Tramway Condo’s, which Summit Village Shares.
  • They are beautiful but from a distance – do not get to close when there is not a window or wall separating you. Be alert (they call this Bear Aware) they can be around a corner!
  • Other Wild Animals include Coyotes, Wolves, Deer, Racoons, and more. They can , will and have eaten dogs, cats, and more. BE ANIMAL SMART AND AWARE.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash and with you.


Garbage / Trash Information:

  • The kitchen trash bin is in the cabinet to the right of the stove. If you have more garbage than our large bin holds during your stay, please take out the trash.
  • Our area (Summit Village) has 1 large dumpster Area for you to access.
    • It is located near the end of Tina Ct. on the left side of the street (about 500 yards) if you walk downhill (toward the Lake) on our street from our home.
  • Please do not leave garbage outside the unit – anywhere – at any time. We have bear and other wildlife that will seek it out.
    • Do not leave food, trash, smelly coolers, or anything that might attract bears and wildlife on the deck, walkway, in your car, or in our yard.
  • Please take your trash out when you depart and make sure it goes inside the dumpsters.

Pets:  We LOVE our PETS!  Please allow us to continue to take pets by: 

  • PLEASE DO NOT let your pet on the couch! Pet Hair is hard to remove & some people are allergic.
  • Walk your pet Off Property!  We humans use the deck, often.  DO NOT let your pet relieve themselves on the deck or walkway.
    • We strongly mandate that you take them for a walk and pick up after them!
      • People walk on our decks, grab wood in winter and children play on it in summer.
    • There are bags available down the street if you forgot yours. They are located around the neighborhood, including in front of the Summit Village office about 25 yards down the road – toward the lake.
    • You must pick up after your pet, tie the bag tightly and through the poo out in a garbage bin
    • Your pet must be always on a leash in our community! It is an HOA rule, but also for your pet’s safety with wild animals.


Laundry Use:

  • The laundry center must have the dryer lint cleaned out between each load or it is a fire hazard. Please do so and throw away the link collected. Thank you
  • There is a starter detergent for you. If you need to do more laundry or have a longer stay, you may have to purchase more


Heater & A/C:

  • The thermostat is at the bottom of the stairwell
  • PLEASE ENSURE THE HEATING THERMOSTAT IS left “ON” (not on auto) and at 53*in the winter – the cold can and has burst pipes
  • PLEASE ENSURE THE COOLING THERMOSTAT IS “OFF” (not on auto) in the summer


Altitude:  Our home is about 8200 ft. Altitude sickness can make you feel dizzy or “off” or even be more serious.  Don’t over-do it if you are not used to the altitude and stay hydrated

Parking:  Park directly in front of the unit (either side of the street). It is first come first served. There is usually ample parking available


WINTER SNOWSTORM INFORMATION AND PARKING:  You are staying in a winter wonderland – so there are some “Must-Do’s”!

  • Winter / Winter Weather:  Be careful!!!
  • The plows come at all times of day or night in a storm.
    • You must move your car to allow the plows access every 24 hours when there has been enough snow to plow.  If not, you will get a sticker on your window and towed after 48 hours.
  • The walkway & deck can get icy. In/after a storm, we do have a service that comes at 4+” of snow to plow and shovel the walkway (not the deck)
  • Between their visits, We do have snow shovel on the balcony, and you should shovel the snow off the walkway, and if possible, the balcony if need be.
    • It can be icy everywhere – the steps, Deck, walkway, and driveway. The snow is removed from the walkway between rentals.  If you encounter snow – the shovel for the deck is on the porch!  Go to it and enjoy the experience! Snow removal in the street and parking is the town.
  • Store Ski’s and boards on the rack outside near the gate – or on the balcony, but NOT inside please
  • Do not force deck to walkway gate open/closed in snow—shovel and it works great!
  • Extra blankets are in the closet, on the beds and/or in the coffee table cubby if you like/need.


Night Lights:  There are night lights in our home to help with arrival and night-time paths. If you unplug them, please plug them in upon departure.


BBQ:  There is a propane tank attached and another (refill) in the “Toy Box” Chest outside on the deck.  If you change the tank, please let me know so we can refill it for our next guests.


No Sofa Sleeping or Air Mattress:  We are strictly enforced by our permit to no more than 4 people. There are plenty of beds.


Bikes (summertime):  We take no responsibility for your bike use, and we also charge for bike replacement if stolen during your use

  • There is a tire pump, if need be, in the deck box
  • There is also a bike ‘tool kit’ in case anything needs tightening up or changing height
  • We do not supply helmets. You must bring your own.
  • Please lock them when in town and please lock them when they return home to the deck fence.


Added Amenities: (Some seasonal)

  • Telescope: Located under the stairs.  Please keep it dry and all parts together and in good shape – do not use when raining or snowing. The viewing will be nada plus it will ruin the telescope. If you have it on the deck in winter, please ensure it and you are on sure footing. It is wonderful on a clear night and there are books in the house to identify the stars and constellations.
  • Snowshoes: Located in the “Deck Box” outside.  Please re-case them and return them to the same locked chest when finished
  • Bikes (2): Located on the deck in summer – please re-lock when finished using them with a double lock and to the fence.
  • BBQ: Please clean the BBQ after use. There is a 2nd propane tank in the “Deck Box”. If you need to change the propane, please communicate this with us so we can re-fill the spare.
  • Ski / Board Rack:  Located on the exterior near the gate.  Please hang / leave all ski gear outside. 
  • Games Located under the stairs in the cabinet or in the living room cabinet under the TV
  • Beach Chairs:  Located in the “Toy Box” Chest outside.  Please return them to the same locked chest when finished.  They are also good for the deck after we winterize and remove the patio furniture after the first snow.
  • Added Amenities:  We supply a bit of Sunscreen. It is SPF 30. Help yourself to the candy jar. We supply initial coffee, tea & soaps for dishwasher & laundry – longer stays may have to purchase more.
  • Extra batteries: Are in the cabinet under the stairs
  • Music:  The Speaker is WI-FI / Bluetooth enabled – it is on the bookcase in the living room
  • Games & Books:  Are located in the media cabinet and checkers is hanging on the wall next to the TV.  There may be some in a dresser drawer or the coffee table, too – or the chest under the stairs
    •  Checkers is the sled to the left of the TV and games are in piece below the TV or under the stairs.


Deck Box: We store Beach Chairs, Snowshoes, and an extra propane tank for BBQ… in the Deck Box. (Lock Code Above).

  • We ask that you take care of our toys and return them cleaned and put away as you found them, returning items, and locking the box when done/departing
  • Please re-lock the deck box when done.


Extra blankets and throws:

  • Our coffee table, upstairs bench, and silver nightstand upstairs are all storage bins. Help yourself


Odds & Ends:

  • Please use the melamine (plastic) plates and cups when dining outside. They are in the blue buffet piece
  • Hot water is plentiful, but it can take a few minutes to get hot in the cold winter weather.


There is a Wi-fi “HUB” in the bathroom above the dryer.  It is usually fine.  If the electricity goes off (rare but in snow country, it happens) then it will re-power and turn blue again.  If it is orange or purple after 10 minutes, then please unplug and re-plug it in or communicate with me if need be.


Fireplace, Firewood, & Hot Logs:

  • We heat our home with our fireplace, but you can use the heater, too of course.
  • To start a fire, help yourself to the wood on the back deck (in winter); if not right next to the fireplace.
  • We suggest you bring fire starters in our pre-arrival information to make lighting a fire easier
  • Hot Logs:  Please ensure the fireplace is closed after using and no hot logs or burning fire is left unattended or with door open if leaving or going to bed
  • The fireplace gets very hot, as does anything near it. Please be mindful


Quiet time:

  • In our neighborhood and by the HOA rules, quiet time is 9PM to 9AM, daily.


Fan: The fan and ceiling light switch for the same fan in the living room is to the left of the sliding glass door.


Thank you for choosing The PerfectPlaceToStay.com

We know you have a choice in rental homes, and we appreciate you!


We love our Bear’s Den Chalet and hope you do, too! Thank you for caring for our home