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These are the instructions and information you will need for the house:


WI-FI:  The Wi-Fi and Network is named: Panorama Place.  The PW is ABCDe12345 – case sensitive

  • The router is located above the front entry door. It is rare, but in case of an outage or need to re-boot the Wi-Fi, simply press the rest button.

TV:  Our TVs are smart TVs, and the basic channels are on the “Spectrum” app – not Spectrum plus or Spectrum movies – Just “Spectrum”

  • All apps are available.  Simply log in with your personal accounts
  • Please remember to log off when you depart!
  • REMOTE CONTROLS: Because both TV’s are Samsung and Spectrum, you must use the correct remote in each room. We have labeled them for you.  Otherwise, they will turn each other off and on.

HEAT & Air Conditioning: There are 2 thermostats in Panorama Place.  One for the bedroom, located on the wall between the closet and the bathroom and one for the living area located on the wall to the right of the bars.  We appreciate you turning either one you are not using off, to save on energy. Because it is a condominium with interior hallways, the unit never gets freezing.

No Smoking:  This is an entirely NO SMOKING home.  No smoking or butts in our home or on the decks please.

Night Lights: There are night lights in our home to help with arrival and night-time paths. If you unplug them, please plug them in upon departure.

Cleaning Service:  We can arrange for additional cleaning for you – just ask. Fees apply.

Quiet Hours: Our condominium has concrete walls and is soundproofed, but we do have quiet hours of 9PM to 9AM in the building.

Pets:  Our building does not allow any pets for guests and visitors – only for owners.

If you have a service dog we approved, then please ensure your dog does not bark, and that you walk them often.  We have sent your instructions under separate cover.

Washer & Dryer: The washer and dryer are in the laundry room – opposite the bedroom closet. The dryer vents inside, due to it being an interior condo, so please make sure the lint catch in the dryer itself is emptied as well as the bucket catch outside the dryer. Putting a SLIGHT bit of water in the outside lint trap will help the lint collect and stick (like ½” max).

Trash:  The trash for the kitchen is under the right cabinet door – under the sink. There is a trash dumpster in the garage of the building. It is located on the 1st floor. Take the elevator down to the first floor and you enter the garage to the left as you exit the elevators.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE THE BUILDING FOB TO EXIT THE GARAGE or someone with you to hold the door.
  • Please do take your trash out when you need during your stay, and at the end of your stay.
  • All Trash must be bagged when put in the out bins.

Sofa Sleeper: We do not allow more than 4 people in the home, no matter the age. Our sofa is a QUEEN-SIZE pull-out bed. The sheets are in the closet in the bag labeled “Sofa Sleeper Clean Sheets” and the pillows and blanket are in the same closet.

  • There is a mattress pad on the sofa sleeper. Please leave it in place. When you are done with the sleeper
  • Please remove the sheets from the sleeper sofa

Added Amenities:  Aside from ‘little touches’ of sunscreen, candy jar and more, we also supply gear for fun…

  • Exercise Mirror:  The full-length mirror in the bedroom corner is a Lululemon | exercise mirror, as well as a gorgeous personal mirror.
    • If you have a mirror subscription:  Lucky You! You will know how to use it.  You need to log in to your subscription to use it and voila!

Please do not forget to turn it off when you are done.


  • We supply initial coffee, tea & soaps for dishwasher & laundry – longer stays may need to purchase more.
  • Extra batteries are in the small canister in the kitchen if you need
  • The Balconies:  BE CAREFUL! 8 floors up can be dangerous if anything drops or blows off the balcony.  We ask that you are careful and mindful of leaving items in the wind or loose on the balconies.



We know you have a choice in rental homes, and we appreciate you!


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