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Welcome to Reno Roost!!

These are instructions and information you will need for this home:


WI-FI:  The Wi-Fi and Network is named: RenoRoost.  The PW is ABCDe12345 – case sensitive

  1. The router is located above the refrigerator and there is a step stool in the living room closet by the bar. It is rare, but in case of an outage or need to re-boot the Wi-Fi, simply press the rest button.

TV:  Our TVs are smart TVs, and the basic channels are on the “Spectrum” app – not Spectrum plus or Spectrum movies

  1. All apps are available.  Simply log in with your personal accounts
  2. Please remember to log off when you depart!

HEAT: The heat Thermostat is in the hallway – near the Reno Map Artwork

  1. Please ensure heat is off if running cooler
  2. There is no cool connected to the heat thermostat – the thermostat just has a cool setting

COOLING: The controls for the Evaporative Cooling Unit are in the office/fitness room.

  • Simply put on the temperature you desire – it will go on and off accordingly
  • Do not open/ move switches – they must both be on at the same time (as they are) for it to work
  • The cooler works best if a few windows are slightly open (2-6”) to allow air circulation
  • If not, the air cannot draw to cool – and does not cool as well
  • Please ensure heat is off if running cooler

No Smoking:  This is an entirely NO SMOKING home.  No smoking or butts in our home or back yard please. Cleaning Service:  We can arrange for additional cleaning for you – just ask. Fees apply.

Quiet Hours: Our Neighborhood and Reno law mandates that there is never loud noise to disrupt neighbors of any kind.  This includes loud or amplified music, parties, and barking dogs.  The town ordinance states quiet enjoyment hours are 9PM to 9AM, for all.

Pets:  We do accept well-behaved pets and their owners.  Please help us to continue to allow pets. Please pick up after your pet – and put the poop in a tightly sealed plastic bag in the garbage.

Maintenance / Trash Service / Fence:  We ask that you do not leave your pets unattended in the yard when they do come, or they cannot enter the yard to do their work.

  1. The gardener comes on Thursdays; trash service comes Mondays & Recycle is bi-weekly. Holidays vary.
  1. All Trash must be bagged when put in the out bins. Our team will ensure the trash is taken out on trash day – they enter the yard to put it in and out – please make sure pets are attended and cleaned up after.
  2. For longer stays, please put the garbage out weekly on Sunday nights and bring it in on Mondays


BBQ: The BBQ is plumbed with natural gas. Please ensure the gas spigot is turned off after each use – in addition to the burners.

Firepit: Please ensure any fire is doused completely before leaving it unattended. We supply a starter 2 pieces of wood in Fall, Winter & Spring. The summers are too hot and outdoor burning in Reno is illegal in summer months.  Please use the screen cover when burning.

Night Lights: There are night lights in our home to help with arrival and night-time paths. If you unplug them, please plug them in upon departure.

Odds & Ends:   Please use the melamine (plastic) plates and cups when dining outside.

  1. We supply initial coffee, tea & soaps for dishwasher & laundry – longer stays may have to purchase more.
  2. Extra batteries are in the small canister if you need.
  3. Hot water is never-ending, it is a tankless water heater, but it can take a few minutes to get hot.

Added Amenities:  Aside from ‘little touches’ of sunscreen, candy jar and more, we also supply gear for fun…

Bikes:  There is a pump if need be – and a bike tool kit in case anything needs tightening up! We do not supply helmets. A bad fitting helmet can be as dangerous as none! The Bike Lock Codes are all: BIKE. Please lock them when in town and please lock them when they return home.

Snowshoes:  In winter, we have snowshoes and poles in the outdoor bin for you!  They are great in a snowstorm or a day trip to Tahoe!  Please return them to the bin and in their cases. Access Code: 1199. Exercise Mirror:  Instructions are on the wall near it.

Kayak: Feel free to take it out to the park if you wish! Please just return it to its home and secure it.

Trains!: – Trains are a wonderful part of Reno – historically and current. They can be heard throughout our town at varying hours. Our Old SW neighborhood hears then a bit more faintly than most, but we provided earplugs for those who prefer not to hear the whistles blow. They blow 2 long, 1 short and 1 long when approaching crossings all over town.

Sofa sleeper-Air Mattress: – we do not allow more than 4 people in the home – but we understand sometimes separate beds are needed.  Our sofa has 3 twin pull outs for children, and we also supply an air mattress, in the hall closet. Sheets for all are in the closet too.


We know you have a choice in rental homes, and we appreciate you!

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