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The Suite Spot – A Private Hotel Room Like Casita:

You have a private entry to The Suite Spot. You will be enjoying a private entry to our guest house, the Suite Spot. You can come and go as you please – and no need to interact with us if you do not want, but we do live on site if you have any questions or needs.

We also have a 90lb sweet dog named bleu on property. She is a 90lb rescue dog and friendly – but we need to introduce you. From then on, no need to interact with us unless you want to!

Access instructions: Instead of coming to the front door of the home (which you are welcome to if you have any questions), you will access our guest house through your private entry. You will use the gate on the right of our home (when looking at the house from the street). The gate will be open for you. Once inside the yard, the suite spot entry is ahead to your sight with signage. There is an exterior light you control from the Suite Spot for your exit/entry light. Please close the gate behind you and lock it when you are in for the night.

The Suite Spot has 2 entry/exit doors. Your personal entry code will work on both doors. One door as access to the yard and gate to exit through and one is to the garage where the laundry and bikes are. Make yourself at home in the entire yard which we share with you and your unit. The BBQ, gazebo, seating, tables, and pool/spa areas are yours to enjoy.

 Parking:  When you arrive at our home, if you are arriving by car, please park in the street in front of our home. There is plenty of parking there and we have security cameras on the street parking, too. This will be where you park for your stay.

Alexa:  Please feel free to use our Alexa She is great as a speaker, for music, local information and more!  Just wake her up by saying her name:  Alexa!

WI-FI:  Our WIFI has 2 accounts:

  • SoulHaven–2G – This one is for older devices and longer range (backyard)
  • SoulHaven–5G – This one is for newer devices and shorter range (dining/living room)
    • BOTH passwords are currently:  ABCDe12345

Suite Spot Fireplace: There are instructions near the fireplace Please remember to turn it off when you are done enjoying the fireplace. Thank you.

TV: Our TV is ROKU and are app based.  “Spectrum” is the app for standard TV channels. You will need to sign into your accounts and remember to sign out when departing! Enjoy!

Doors & Locks: The Suite Spot doors (2) do not have a knob, so you must close and lock the deadbolt to keep it closed.

The Suite Spot door to the yard and door to the garage are all electronic locks.  Your access code will work on both doors for the duration of your stay.  Please lock all doors and close and lock all windows when you leave the house on your departure day. If you do not, our dog Bleu may come for a visit – or sleep on your bed.  When you depart through the doors, lock them by pressing the “Schlage” button after securely closing the door.

Garage Door: The Garage door opener is located on the key rack in the garage.  Your parking is on the street, but you may want to access the garage for using our bikes.  Please remember to replace the garage door opener and close the garage prior to your departure.  On the day of your departure, return the opener to its key rack, closing and locking the garage door with the button. Then close the garage to Suite Spot door to exit and lock them both behind you.

OUTDOOR FIREPLACE:  Instructions are on the fireplace itself. The fireplace is “Plumbed” and continues to run gas until shut off

BBQ & BBQ Stove-Top burner: The BBQ is “Plumbed” and continues to run gas until shut off. Simply make sure each burner and rotisserie and grille area is turned to the off position.  In emergency, the gas valve is located where it comes out of the house:  behind the grill. Please shut the gas off after each use.

We want you to safely enjoy our home and please leave it secure and safe for others!  Please turn off electric and gas amenities when not in use or when you finish with them and lock up behind you! 

Pool / Hot Tub:  There are separate instructions for the pool and hot tub. If you have asked for the pool to be heated, we send those instructions separately, and they are in the home. The hot tub instructions are near the operational buttons on the outside wall across from the hot tub.  It can take up to 45 minutes to heat fully in cold temperatures, so it is good to plan a bit for use.

  • We ask that “Quiet hours” are 9PM to 9AM. in the pool and spa. It does not mean you cannot use them later, but our master bedroom is on the opposite side of the house and we appreciate “quiet voices” after 9PM.

Outdoor Dining Light and Fan:  Our outdoor light and fan can only be operated from the remote control – there is no switch!  Please turn off the fan and light after use & return

the remote control to the holder for it on the wall!

Other Outdoor Lighting: Our outdoor lighting is solar & downward facing. This makes stargazing awesome, and our neighbors appreciate it; but do be careful, it can be dark.


Our home requires maintenance and upkeep to keep it in good working order for you, our guests!  There are some scheduled services we want to make you aware of, so you are not startled by them… ALL dates are subject to change for holiday, weather, or other such need.

Trash & Recycling Service:  Pick-ups are scheduled for Thursday Mornings.

We have a dedicated curbside service that takes the bins and sealed black garbage bags out and puts the bins back in for us.  They use the opposite gate and should not bother you but FYI.

Pool and Spa Service: Pool Service is scheduled for every Monday and Thursday.  They come sometime during the AM. They will let themselves in and out of the backyard quietly.  Please be aware and not startled by them.  They access through the opposite backyard gate as your entry.

Landscape & Spraying for Bugs and… Landscaper Comes Wednesday and Bug Spraying is on the 3rd Wednesday of Every 3 Months.  Palm Springs is known for snakes, scorpions, and a few ants, spiders and other insects that love the warm weather.  We spray for these pests once a quarter – between 11 and 3. They will let themselves in and out of the backyard quietly.

Mail:  You can leave out-going mail if you wish, they do come by!

Keys / Doors: All the Keys, Garage door opener and flashlights for emergencies you will need to use during your stay are on the key rack in the garage.

Your front door is opened by your personal code – no key needed

USPS & FED-EX: You are welcome to receive packages during your stay, use the house address.

We want you to enjoy our home and to be secure and safe!

Please turn off all electric & gas amenities when not in use.

THANK YOU for choosing to stay with us and sharing our home and yard.  We love hosting people and know you have a choice in rental homes, and we appreciate you!


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